July 12-17, 2019
Business and leisure merged in Kamchatka

From July 12 to July 17, Business Communications Agency arranged for SoyuzIntegro and its partners a business trip to the very east of our country, to the Kamchatka Region.

6 days has passed in a blink of the eyes! Speakers introduced new HP printing technology capabilities to the participants and discussed future collaboration. After business days, friendly dinners at the Blue Lagoon Hotel awaited everyone, as well as interesting excursions to local natural attractions.

One day, the participants of the trip rafted along the Bystraya River, and then bathed in the thermal Malkinsky springs, which are located in the picturesque valley of the Klyuchevka River. The springs have a healing effect and belong to the Kamchatka group of siliceous-alkaline, hydrocarbonate-sulfate waters.

The beauty of Kamchatka did not leave anyone indifferent!